What does video technology bring to your organization?

INTERNAL: Advanced communication generates improved understanding and employee engagement. Company culture, product knowledge, collegial co-operation and experience sharing, personal development programs, presentation and communication skills all promoted through video, contribute to a highly stable, well informed and productive workforce.

EXTERNAL: Greater market penetration achieved through product presentations, customer service tutorials, sales and market presentations. Customers are served better by a highly-trained and informed workforce, and market awareness increases as video engages more prospects.


  • Satisfy the needs of today’s mobile and de-centralized workforce
  • Build stronger workgroups and encourage collaboration throughout the organization
  • Feature on the job training and best practices
  • Encourage informal learning opportunities with employees to share knowledge and experience
  • Frequent communication fosters an environment informed and empowered employees
  • Video presents more engaging and memorable communication
  • Remote employees feel “part of the team”
  • Reduce travel budgets through increased online training
  • Explain and demonstrate projects with clarity, and benefit from instant review
  • Attend live conferences and meetings online and interact with attendees
  • Engage in decision orientated meetings, utilizing pre-meeting video briefing
  • Critical company knowledge and data is securely stored and available on-demand
  • Operational costs reduce as work is completed more efficiently and effectively