Enterprise YouTube (Video library)

A corporate video library, with on-demand availability

Enterprise YouTube

With the growth of video usage, a comprehensive secure database of easily accessible material, is crucial to any organization.

With MaestroVision’s video content manager, collecting, uploading, storing and retrieving videos from corporate meetings, sales training, events, communications, recruitment interviews and any other video recorder, will power up your enterprises knowledge base.

A centralized solutions for managing an unprecedented volume of video and create an Enterprise YouTube to quickly and cost effectively find relevant content.



Enterprise YouTube_Video LibraryFeatures
  • Sophisticated search engine system, to easily retrieve all recordings containing the “key words” in a single search.
  • On-demand availability.
  • Compatible with desktop & laptops computers, tablets or smart phones.
  • Simple video upload.
  • Display a preview video of archived content.
  • Create video sequences interface through a web browser.
  • Limit access through integrated security.
  • Digitize a video clip at a location and automatically duplicate it to another site.
  • Centralized solutions to manage content of multiple sites from a single location.
  • Full Integration with storage management systems.
  • Review reports only available to authorized users through the web interface.
  • Available in cloud-based format
  • 24/7 MaestroVision support.
  • Secure enterprise  videos sharing
  • Improve corporate communications
  • Enhance training, reducing costs
  • Boost employees’ morale
  • Private and secure video management and 
– Seamlesly integrate the optional “Keyserv” recording system for the highest video / audio quality on the market today –


For more information, please contact us at  1-888-424-5505  / info@maestrovision.com


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