Taking corporate communications to the next level

Informing and motivate employees, improving company morale, and helping drive productivity

MaestroVison’s video platform provides businesses with the tools to empower their workforce through accelerated knowledge sharing and highly effective communications. Greater productivity through motivational “corporate inclusion” contributes greatly to enterprise growth and top line performance.


Video technologies offer significant cost savings to large national and multi-national organizations, who have embarked upon the process of promoting rich content communication across the organization, with teleconferencing and video messaging recordings. Encouraging employees to submit their presentations, training, product and recruitment videos, and sharing their experiences with colleagues across the company. Utilizing newer techniques like hybrid events and meeting flips to garner more critical data from customer interactions and high level decision making, through the medium of video, and the ability to store, manage, search and retrieve data on-demand.

Smaller organizations using video technology gives them a competitive edge. Customer presentations and product demo recordings offer a low cost solution to enhancing their reach and expanding their market penetration.

Public Organizations

Hospitals and medical centres, libraries, police, union groups, government agencies and other organizations, employ video technology for a variety of uses, including public information streams, employee training and simulation programs, complaints and procedural disputes. Video provides full disclosure recordings ensuring openness and transparency.

Video Library

A highly secure and comprehensive video database of corporate assets, accessible throughout the enterprise, according to position, department and clearance levels . A sophisticated search engine system pinpoints the exact content required (both amongst and within video recording), and avoids time wasted trawling through cataloged listings. Select from all popular formats in order to view from PC’s, Mac’s, tablets or smart phones.